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The seven deadly sins of men!

The seven deadly sins of men!

Debbie and her daughtersHi peeps,

After a very busy couple of weeks, what with Paul and the girls all having birthdays plus both sets of grandparents visiting, a strange calm has settled on Greenwood Towers as the Chocolate Miser is away working in Dubai for the week.


This has given me time to reflect on the question of men. Well, two questions actually. I love them but if I live to be a hundred (and I’m halfway there) I’ll never understand them. My questions are: why are they so weird and what are they for?
Paul - self confessed man Jean and Ferdi Mum and Dad

Here are my thoughts and I would like you to add yours!

  1. They hog the remote control. Even the Duke of Edinburgh does it. He tries to force the Queen to watch Sky Sports, even though she prefers an hour of Diamonique with Charlie. “Leave one’s zapper alone Philip, it’s the Devil’s tool” she cries.
  2. Men can read maps – what kind of a warped mind can do that?
  3. They go to B&Q for days on end, especially when your parents are visiting. What do they do there?
  4. Guys read on the loo thus allowing poo fumes to impregnate the pages of books. This is unhygienic. Just stop and ask yourself why the pages of library books are yellow.
  5. Blokes understand why new Tablet computers work better with the latest Android Honeycomb technology yet cannot operate a washing machine.
  6. They leave the toilet seat up, as if it’s the ultimate testament to their masculinity. “Look at me I can splash the rim and you can’t!” There are even men who can’t be bothered to stand up to wee, but still defiantly put the lid up afterwards. It’s all a sham if you ask me.
  7. Men think bottom-burping is an Olympic sport. Or at least should have its own TV series along the lines of ‘Name That Tune’.


Guys, as I am an equal opportunities blogger, please feel free to retaliate, explain yourselves and pose your own questions about the fairer sex.
Debbie xxx

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