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Fun in the snow, meeting Andrew Castle and Anything Goes!

Andrew Castle and me

Hi peeps,

How the devil are you? Have you been coping with Snowmaggedon? I know it is fashionable to complain about the white stuff, but I must admit to have really enjoyed it! I’m sure if it persists I will be fed up quite soon and apologies to you if you have been really inconvenienced, but there is something very magical about crunching through the park when it is wearing its wonderful white sparkly cloak.

The oldest, dirtiest buildings get a makeover and suddenly everywhere is a Christmas card. There’s a real feeling of “we’re all in this together” as you traipse through the streets. It’s like being on a skiing holiday without the stress of not being able to get off the ski lift! Just breathing in cold air makes you feel so healthy. Dirty city air is suddenly Alpine oxygen making everybody behave as if they were children again.

Paul putting on his WintertraxBoy was a glad I had stocked up on WinterTrax. I had bought six pairs in total just before Christmas as they are on Buy More Save More but I’d kept three pairs back for us to use. After years of wearing  them only to tap dance on top of a huge block of ice in the studio like a polar bear in a Glacier Mint advert, I have been using them as they are supposed to be – in real snow and ice.I have to say they are flipping marvellous! You feel so much more confident and you just do not slip! My feet are size 4 and Paul’s size 11 and they fitted equally well over my old wellies and his clumpy yellow clodhoppers (left).


Luisa sporting Wintertrax and my Trespass jacketEven Luisa (left) wore a pair over her trainers when she went off to meet her friend to build snowmen. Well, you can’t be a cool teenager all the time can you? Where’s the fun in that? And is that my pink Trespass jacket you’re wearing, madam?

When we were out for a walk, the Chocolate Miser and I called on an elderly neighbour to see if she needed any shopping. We were wracking our brains to remember her first name when suddenly it came to me. The conversation went something like this;

Me: Ahh I remember. Helga! That’s what she’s called.
Paul: Right. That’ll be why her daughter said not to call before eleven.
Me: Eh?
Paul: …to give her time to sort her wig out.
Me: What makes you think she wears a wig?
Paul: You just said “Helga’s bald”.
Warning: never have a conversation with your slightly deaf husband when he’s wearing a  hood.

Did you catch Andrew Castle (pictured with me at the top of the post) when he popped in to talk about the Ryder Cup 2012 DVD set? He was lovely. Simon had been due to chat to him on the Morning Show but as he was snowed in at home and couldn’t make it, Miceal and I, both sports experts (not), slugged it out over who would do the interview.

Naturally I won, so Miceal did the chat. He is now fending off offers from Sky Sports whilst writing a book succinctly entitled “My Time as a Commentator on the Ryder Cup, which is Golf, not Tennis”.

Bruno and the Camouflage sistersDaleAnne and I had a great time on our Saturday night “Anything Goes” show last week. We were joined by Bruno Tonioli (pictured left with the Camouflage sisters), Christine Hamilton (pictured below with Leyla and Ian from Steiff, and Ingrid Tarrant) and many more.

It was really fun and thank you for all the jokes you tweeted. There was also one very romantic message, which I memorised and delivered to camera with huge emotion.

Clearing my throat I said, “…and Alan Baccoloni has sent in a very heartfelt tweet. He says, “We are loving the show, can you say a big hello to my wife Alison and tell her I love her very much.” Pausing slightly for dramatic effect I emoted with a hint of a tear in my eye, “Alison you are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Alison and Alan Baccoloni. Lovely couple.” It was all fine and dandy, but when I checked my iPad again later, I discovered that Alan’s wife was actually called Sandi! Yes, Sandi, not Alison! Nooooo! What a twonk I am!

Leyla and Ian from Steiff, Ingrid Tarrant and Christine Hamilton in the Green RoomThis Saturday night between 8pm and 10pm we have Tony Blackburn joining in the fun. I will be with Annaand Will I.T. The Suits have promised us crisps and pop and everything. There will be a competition to win QVC credits as well as an H2O TSV, ybf goodies and a chance for you lot to be the producer. I would tell you more but then I’d have to kill you.

If you want to send me a tweet at any time I can be reached on @DebGreenwoodQVC.

See you on Saturday night.

Debbie G x

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