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Holidays, uni prep and pub quiz gaffes

Debbie and the Chocolate MiserHi Peeps,

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently but since my three weeks away I am finding life very busy as the mother of an undergraduate. I thought I’d just slip that in quietly so as not to appear to be bragging about Annalie doing well in her A levels and getting her place at uni. Too late, proud mum just couldn’t keep it to herself!

I’ve just found out that it is apparently pretty much the law to go to Ikea with your mum before you start college to buy stuff. I’m not sure what stuff exactly yet, but we have a shopping trip planned for Thursday. Heaven help us. Heaven help Ikea. At this very moment the Undergraduate is at the kitchen table making a list as long as the Amazon, which reminds me, there will be a reading list, too.

Debbie's girlsWe had a brilliant holiday, not least because it was just so good to escape from the rain. Travelling by budget airline is such tremendous fun, isn’t it? We had a slight delay, which Luisa took advantage of to have a beauty make-over in the duty free shop at Gatwick.She looked lovely, but being sweet 15, disappeared to the loo to ‘adjust’ it afterwards. When she emerged twenty long minutes later I could’ve strangled her because now we were running late, which condemned us to the end of the longest queue in the world, with the result that the four of us were dotted about the plane nowhere near each other. Oh, how we laughed.

I don’t get this policy at all – wouldn’t it be quicker and easier for everyone if the airline just allocated seats? Actually, one night we were out at The Marina Bar in Cabanas de Tavira when the resident Irish singer, Gary, sang this tribute to the budget airlines.

Simone, Oli, Millie, Marina, Annalie, Amy, Debbie and WeesaWe had a great time at a place called Villa Cana in Spain with the girls and their best friends. Annalie and Marina had been working in The Marbella Club for a couple of weeks before we got there so it was lovely to see them. It also gave us a chance to catch up with our friends Julie and Guy who live in Estepona.

We drove to Portugal and the night we arrived we popped into our local, Ronaldo’s Bar, and found ourselves taking part in a quiz night to raise money for the Red Cross. I must say that the Chocolate Miser was on top form and we did very well, scooping the top prize of two bottles of local red wine, worth at least 7 Euros! I was useless as usual and Paul will never let me forget this “doh!” moment. The quiz master asked this question;

“What is the more common name for The London Derrière ?”

Being a linguist (moi?) all kinds of things went through my mind. The London Eye I’ve heard of, naturally, but the London Bottom? Was it a cryptic clue? Had there been something in the news about a new Borris Bottom initiative while we had been away? Who in London had a famous bottom? The girls and I wracked our brains and came up with a big fat zero. Mr Coia was at his most smug, not to mention incredulous,and calmly wrote down;

“Danny Boy is the more common name for…The Londonderry Air!!!”

Blush, blush!


Debbie xx

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