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Getting into the Christmas spirit with Joe McElderry

Debbie and Joe McElderry at QVCHi Peeps,

I have had a lovely week, which began with Joe McElderry coming in to sing a couple of tracks from his new Classic Christmas album. It really got us in the Christmas mood!

Joe Mac has become a firm favourite with us at QVC because  he is just such a nice person. He does have a problem with drink, though, as he was knocking it back as early as 8am. Diet Coke, that is!! I suppose he’s too young for a cappuccino! He is genuinely delighted and a little amazed at the amount his ‘private performance’ prize for Breast Cancer Care raised in the auction. I hope we can get a film crew out for that when it happens.


The girls and Joe McElderryMy daughters are X Factor addicts and I think even I went up the cool scale a little when Joe started to come to us at QVC. They are HUGE fans of his. So, imagine their excitement when Joe’s lovely mum, Eileen, invited them to the launch party of the Christmas album in Soho on Monday night.Weesa had to miss her Latin lesson, but she’s a brave soldier and didn’t let her disappointment show at all. Joe spent a long time talking to them-they loved his accent of course – and they are not going to Cleanse and Polish ever again because he kissed them! 

The Coias and Joe McElderryJoe must be exhausted at the end of his tour and if you missed that you will still get a chance to see him at the O2 over Christmas as he is singing before the Nutcracker Ballet.

I would highly recommend the album, too, with its great classics like White Christmas, O Holy Night with Rolando Villazon, Last Christmas, and Driving Home for Christmas, which gets the Big Band treatment. He’s got a lovely voice and the album will be our background music as we put up the tree at Greenwood Towers this year.

Over the decades I have interviewed a fair few stars – from Elton John to Margaret Thatcher, to Tom Hanks to Fanny Craddock!! Too many to remember, in fact, and whilst they all manage a wonderful on-air persona, not all of them are the same sweet people off screen.

However, with Joe McElderry, what you see is what you get. I know he’s only young, but with the support around him from his lovely down-to-earth family I am confident that he’s not going to change.

What a year he’s had, too, with his triumph on Operastar and with his Classic album going double gold and possibly platinum by Christmas. Not bad for a twenty-year-old, eh?

No matter how much you beg me I’m not going to say anything about my experience with Fanny Craddock on Breakfast Time. I definitely didn’t cry! In any case,  Frank Bough delivered the definitive  line many years ago on Nationwide. Following a cookery item on baking, he ad-libbed, straight-faced,

“And may all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny’s.”

Thank Heavens for the apostrophe.



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