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A chocolatey Hogmanay at Greenwood Towers

Debbie and family

Hi Peeps,

Happy New Year to you! I hope 2010 is a great year for you!

We had a lovely Hogmanay with Paul’s parents visiting from Glasgow. We had dinner at home with tons of starters followed by roast beef with all the trimmings and plenty of Champagne to wash it down.

Delicious New Year traditions

One of our traditions at New Year is the chocolate fountain, and this year was to be no exception. I bought two kilos of chocolate, and to dip into the molten nectar there were three packets of marshmallows, Madeira cake, chocolate cake, strawberries and bananas (just to make sure we got our five a day.)

Luisa preparing the chocolateThe girls dutifully prepared everything. With mounting excitement we dusted down the fountain and then……..nothing! After many years of dutiful service my favourite piece of kitchen equipment picked New Year’s Eve to pop its cogs!!!!

Talk about timing! Can you imagine the disappointment at Greenwood Towers? Tears were held back – but only with supreme willpower.  We pulled ourselves together. Nil desperandum, we thought, let’s go fondue instead!!!


A chocoholic’s worst nightmarePaul, uttering a butch devil-may-care “Bain Marie? Huh! I’m from Glasgow” bunged the choc into the microwave and yes, you’ve guessed it, fifteen quid’s worth of nature’s finest gift turned into hard, lumpy, crystallised bricks with all the visual and textural appeal of poo.

Words were exchanged, most of them not suitable for publishing on the QVC website! As Senior Chocolate Presenter on QVC, it may take me some time to recover from this and I may even need to take some sick leave due to Chocolate Fountain Malfunction Stress Syndrome, which is a well-known medical condition.
Luisa and Ferdi dancingDancing, fireworks and first footing

We recovered in time for my father-in-law to First Foot us (of course we pretended we weren’t going to let him into the house) and as our home is on a hill, we were as usual able to watch other people’s fireworks going off all over London. It was really spectacular and cheered us up (a bit).
Jean, Annalie and FerdiHow was your New Year’s Eve? Dancing in the street singing Auld Lang Syne? Or snuggled up under your Slanket with a mincer and cup of tea? I’d love to know!

Love Debbie x

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